Put The WHOA To Your Arena Dust

Scientifically certified safe for the environment, animals and people, while it increase the tensile strength of footing for better support, traction and concussion absorption. WHOA DUST(TM) simply charges the neutrally charged dust particles floating in your arena to a negative state that causes the particles to be pulled back toward the ground.

Moisture will be retained to an optimal state and will reduce your need to water your arena by minimum of 50%. In addition, by charging the dust the surface suspension of your footing will be increased; footing will provide a more supportive and desirable texture and feel for you and your horse. This creates optimum horse arena dust control.

"For the last six years I have used Whoa Dust.... our indoor arena because it has made winter maintenance of the footing so simple (no more frozen hoses).  With virtually no watering, the footing at Topline stays moist and consistent from October through March with just one simple application. The footing is a sand blend and does not move or shift nearly as much as the untreated footing. The outside track can also handle a lot more traffic before it needs to be raked. I have been very happy with the results of WHOA DUST™ and continue to use the product every year.  It is a product I would recommend to anyone whose arenas need to be watered.

​--Sonya Campbell, Owner of Topline Stable & Show Park

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